Plaistow Youth Market is an initiative of Plaistow South Big Local that helps young people to develop their ideas into businesses. PYM is not just a market it is a community. Traders from all over Newham are selling their crafts at our markets. PYM is free for those 30 years old or younger and £10 for over 30’s ensuring entrepreneurs can continue to trade at their favourite market after the age of 30.

Plaistow Youth Market gives young people a free platform to showcase their creative talents. It’s all about supporting the next generation of market traders and bringing an influx of energy, vibrancy, and diversity to our local area. Our events are the perfect opportunity for Newham residents to trial new business ideas and sell creative products.
The main focus of the market is to help the new generation spread their wings and dream big because we believe that together anything is possible.

Plaistow Youth Market (PYM) gives bursaries to young entrepreneurs, to cover part of their expenses, which means that they can make mistakes and learn from them without the fear of losing all of their investment. PYM is achieving its purpose, bringing our community together and helping our young entrepreneurs experiment with their ideas, but also to overcome their fears and inhibitions.

As well as a creative retail offer, another part of our Youth Market is performance. Whether it’s young bands, dancers, musicians or stand-up comedians, our events are an amazing opportunity for young performers to showcase their creative talents.  We are always looking for new talented people to showcase their talents at our markets.

When combined, the creative fusion of handmade crafts and live performance creates a thriving and bustling marketplace which succeeds in attracting a new generation of shoppers and visitors to our local market.

 How We Began

Community Development Coordinator for PSBL, Simon Vincent, attended an event by Big Local in 2013, where The Teenage Market presented. He was so impressed that presented the idea to PSBL steering group. The concept of a market immediately captured people’s interest and became an instant hit with young people in the area.

On 6th December 2014, we had the first Plaistow Youth Market. Find the report here PYM1.

2 Markets were held in 2015: 23rd May PYM2 and 5th December PYM3.

3 Markets in 2016: 23rd April PYM4, 3rd September PYM5, 3rd December PYM6.

4 Markets in 2017: 18th March PYM7, 20th May PYM8, 22nd July PYM9, 2nd December PYM10.

A review was held on 17th February, we looked back and analysed all that has happened and envisioned the market for the future.  

As you can see we are constantly developing and hope to grow even more next year.

 From small problems to big problems, we have identified and overcome them with the help of our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, young and old, to whom we want to say THANK YOU.

Help us do better by sending us your feedback to lora@plaistowsouthbiglocal.org.uk or visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PlaistowYouthMarket/

 If you would like to take part, as a trader or a volunteer, please contact us at lora@plaistowsouthbiglocal.org.uk. This is a fantastic way to meet new people, gain new skills and have a great time.