Pacific Mix

Pacific Mix

Pacific MIX started as a hobby by Auguste. She had her first stall at our market in spring of 20156 . We could see her growing with each market becoming more and more established and experienced. In November 2016 Auguste joined other 11 traders to learn about Food safety giving them the confidence and knowledge to legally sell food. PSBL financed the course for our traders after we realised more and more people want to do sell food at Plaistow Youth Market but need a Food safety certificate to do so.



Augute said “PYM helped me get qualifications. They give me ideas how to promote the business.  People come to see what I have produced. I get feedback at the market day and some reactions of my cakes were good and bad.  I get money out of it to buy pipping bag nozzles to make my cakes look more eye catching”

She enjoys two things: drawing and cooking, her artistic skills are used when baking sweet treats for friends and family. “I bake different flavoured cupcakes really well and use my decorative skills on the icings/toppings to design them. I now do the same thing but on a larger scale at the PYM markets”

She describes her stile as “Fun & Trendy” and Mary Berry inspires her to bring her skills to the next level.


Her stepmom, Adi helped Auguste at every step of the way from applications to shopping. She is in charge of savoury dishes while Auguste prefers the sweet and artistic cakes. When Auguste decided to move on to different projects Adi step-tin and she is now managing Pacific Mix with the help of her husband, Auguste’s dad..